Monday, 17 June 2013

Tomato Soup Goodness

A few years ago I discovered homemade tomato soup. Let’s just say that we have never bought another can of Campbell’s since. This soup is so good and so simple. It’s so simple that even my nine-year-old daughter can make it with a little supervision and help. It really doesn’t take much longer than opening a can, emptying it, and adding milk or water to it, but the taste is about one hundred times better. Plus as an added bonus, I know what’s in this soup – every ingredient is pronouncable and no MSG. So here is how we do it.

First, you open a large can of tomatoe pieces. For us that is one of the jars we canned last summer. You dump it in your soup pot and mash the tomatoes up. We use a stick blender, but anything that mashes them will work. Sometimes there is still some little chunks, but that’s okay.

My lovely assistant
blended tomatoes
Blended tomatoes

Then we add chicken stock. Mine is usually frozen because I forget to  take it out in time, but it melts.  Next  we add water, a small can of tomato paste, honey, parsley and dill weed.

Frozen chicken stock

Adding honey
Now you can add milk with flour mixed in to thicken the soup or as we did today just cream. I left out the flour because I was keeping this THM diet-friendly. Next comes butter and salt. As soon as it’s all heated through you’re ready. Like I said simple, simple, simple. When you taste it though, it is so delicious you will never want to buy canned tomato soup again.

Update: I have since made this using almond flour to make it an "S". I think it actually tasted and had better texture than when I make it with regular flour.

Lovely, delicious goodness

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