Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cool Times

It's been my goal all summer to make popsicles. First, I've had a hard time finding popsicle molds. I looked in various stores, and my husband finally brought some home from the dollar store. Let's just say it was a fail.
Anyway, I had an idea. We ditched the molds but kept the sticks. I bought some Dixie-like cups at the dollar store with an idea to use them for molds, and here's how it went.

First, find a pretty assistant. We used one cup of frozen strawberries and approximately one cup of yogurt.

Then we added a couple of tablespoons of honey.

We blended it all up and started pouring it into the cups.

We filled the cups about three-fourths full and then put the sticks from the dollar store molds in. We got seven cups from this mix. We put the in the freezer overnight. After lunch the next day we peeled the paper cups away and had lovely popsicles. 

You can see the results from these pictures...success at last.

So simple. We're doing more tomorrow. What's your favourite popsicle flavour?

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