Saturday, 10 August 2013


This will be a little bit of a mishmash of "Fruitful Friday" and "Library Time". Yesterday I was tired and just basically spent the day hanging out with my children watching movie and eating ice cream cones which could explain the higher numbers on the scales this morning. Anyway, we had fun and every once in a while it's fun to just kick back and chill with your children. Some of us also went to the park after supper. I was wishing I had brought the camera because it was the first time we put the baby in a swing and he LOVED cute to watch.
We had a good week - I fixed a jumper for my youngest daughter (post to come on that), taught my girls how to cork (another post on that), found some great deals at the local Salvation Army store (including a candlemaking kit! - something I've always wanted to learn how to do), read a good book written by a holocaust survivor, found a store where I could buy Ezekiel 4:9 bread (good for the diet), ate beans from our garden and tidied up the garden which was looking a mess (tomatoes and squash looking good), had a long "skype" with one of my sisters one night (sisters are great), made a birthday gift for a friend (think I'm going to have to do a post on this too because I make this gift all the time - easy and fun). Well, you can see we had a great week.
My oldest daughter found a lot of classics - Shakespeare, Dickens, Elliot, Bronte - at the Salvation Army that she happily bought. My nine-year-old daughter found a Beverly Cleary book. My five-year-old son is making great strides in his reading. He said this week, "I can't believe I'm reading!" It makes all the effort worth it. He was "reading" an alphabet book to his baby brother this morning, and I was so happy that he could read all the letters now.
They're addicted to corking now.
How was your week? Did you read any good books?


  1. Usually don't find time to read, but did manage to read a magazine this week. :-)

  2. Did we skype this week - thinking that Ethan said no - haha
    You ARE going to have to explain corking.
    I just finished with Gucci making 6 meals in about 1 hr's time. The kitchen smells great as we are headed off to eat meatloaf with steamed veggies and rice. All super easy.
    I made a skirt for myself, too :) I'll post pics later. Love you!

  3. @Debbie - sometimes a magazine is all I manage, but at least it keeps my brain cells knocking together. :)
    @Julie - your girls will love corking, I'm glad your meal prep went so well, I love you too.

  4. I read No Middle Ground, a booklet Dr. La More gave me last Tuesday. It's all about homeschooling. I am so happy for Micah. It's always so nice to see big brothers read to the little ones. Jacob read to his little brothers too. : )

  5. I should borrow that from you, Rowena. It sounds good. I love watching my older ones read to my younger ones.