Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Star Braid

This is one of our favourite hairstyles because you can dress it up or keep it simple.  It's called  a star braid because it makes a star pattern. I learned it from a hair blog that no longer exists.
I've found the parts on this style work best if the hair is slightly damp to start with. You will need eight elastics. Sometimes we do all the same colour. Sometimes we use two colours or four or eight. It's part of the fun - choosing the colours. To start part the hair down the centre and then find a middle point where all your other parts will come out from.

From the middle point make a diagonal part to the front of the head and put the hair in an elastic. Do the same on the other side.

Now make another part from your middle point to just behind the ears on either side adding the hair from your first set of elastics into the second set. My biggest struggle is always to get the elastics even. I don't always get it very well.

Divide the hair that is left in half with a diagonal part. Again add the hair from your last elastic into this elastic on either side.

Add the final amount of hair into elastics on either side of your main part.

Can you see the star?

Her hair has grown so much since we started doing this braid about four years ago. Sometimes we put bows at the top of the ponytails.

You could also take a little hair from each ponytail and put them together to make a third strand so you can make a braid.

Four years ago when she was starting kindergarten she opted for all different colours.

Sometimes the elastics stay in well enough that this hairstyle lasts for two days. That's a bonus when you're a busy momma.

Do you have a go-to hairstyle that is simple but can also be dressed up?

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