Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Triple Twist Bun

My girls love to have their hair up in a bun for church, but I get a little tired of that. I'm always looking for ways to switch it but keep it simple. This hairstyle is a variation of one I saw on the internet.
To start with separate the hair into three even sections.

I start with the middle section and start twisting it. Keep twisting until it starts to twist up on itself and you can pin it in place.

Do the side pieces in the same manner.

It usually takes a couple of minutes longer to do these three small buns as opposed to one, but the result is much more dramatic and elegant. This would look pretty with a couple of small flowers or a row of baby breaths along the top edge. Or just leave it "undressed". It's still pretty.

Do you have a favourite quick but elegant hairstyle?

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