Saturday, 5 October 2013

Library Time Week 10

Sometimes I consider myself addicted to reading. I generally have three to four books on the go at the same time. I like to keep books in various places in the house so I'm never far from something to read. I take my Kindle with me everywhere which now has several hundred books on it because I'm scared of being stuck somewhere without a book. And it's not unusual to find my Kindle AND a book in the diaper bag. I've got it bad.
So this week I read a book called Her about identical twins where one sister died. I also read Between Expectations about a pediatric intern. They were both so interesting I could hardly put them down.
So what have my children been reading...
15-year-old daughter - She's critiquing a book that a friend wrote. She also read The Patriots by Jack Cavanaugh and Johnny Tremaine. I haven't read Johnny Tremaine in years, but after hearing she was reading it now I want to read it again.
13-year-old son - Well, he's still visiting my sister's family in the States so I don't know what he's been reading. He's coming home in a few days and I can hardly wait. The big question - Should I hug him at the airport? ☺
11-year-old son - Still going strong with the Roman Mysteries but he also read a book called Universe a Journey From Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos by Nicholas Cheetham.
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9-year-old daughter - See 11-year-old son. Honestly, I took them to the library one night, and I think they borrowed about six Roman Mysteries. She did also read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
7-year-old daughter -  Dolly Madison: Quaker girl (Childhood of famous Americans). These are fantastic books. I wish we had a series like this for famous Canadians.
5-year-old son - Madeline Treasury by Ludwig Bemelmans - six books in one volume
2-year-old son - ABC Bunny by Wanda Ga'g. We actually sing this one since there is  tune written to it. It has a lot of repeating of "tra la la la la la la" which little ones love.
There you have it. I think my children are as addicted to reading as I am. We not only read books but we enjoy a rousing discussion about books we have all read.
Does your family have a book(s) that everyone has enjoyed and that you love talking about?
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  1. There is a You Tube clip of someone singing that song. ;)

  2. We don't have the Dolly Madison books for Canada, but we do have the Dear Canada series. They are historical fiction that help kids learn about historic events. It's the next best thing to reading non-fiction.

    1. I know about the Dear Canada series, and my children have read them. I think we even own some. I forget about them because it's not something I read growing up.;) Thanks for the reminder.