Saturday, 26 October 2013

Library Time Week 11

I finally finished Nicholas Nickleby. I had first watched it on Netflix which piqued my interest to read the book. It took me over two weeks. Dickens never seems to be short on words. I wonder if he ever had writer's block. ☺ While we're still on Dickens I have to say that the movie version of Nicholas Nickleby that I watched was pretty good. It can't be easy to turn a Dickens novel into a screen play. There are so many characters in his books - so many interesting characters I should say. I've been noticing lately that often the character's name has something to do with their personality or role in the story. Check it out the next time you read a Dickens novel (which you really should do soon). I'm also still working my way through War and Peace with DailyLit.
Now for what my children have been reading...
15-year-old daughter - Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (She highly recommends this one so I'm going to borrow it off of her and read it now that I'm finished Nicholas Nickleby) and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
13-year-old son - World Book Encyclopedia - Volume B
11-year-old son - Medieval Warfare by Peter Reid
9-year-old daughter - Canadian Girl-Penny by Sharon McKay
7-year-old daughter - same as her sister
5-year-old son - Curious George
2-year-old son - The Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss Alphabet
What have you and/or your children read this week?

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