Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Revisiting a Project

Hello Everyone,
I've been super busy the last two days. I'm trying to get matching dresses for my two youngest daughters made by Saturday. Our church is having a special Thanksgiving programme hence the new dresses.
Here's a post I did a couple of months ago about sewing a blanket for a baby. This is simple and perfect for the cooler weather.
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow and the project will be finished.
Do you ever give yourself crazy assignments on a tight deadline?


  1. Good grief, Jen, you know me - ALL the time!!!
    I have two weeks to get a fancy apron made for work (to wear over the Autumn season) and a cape for Gucci's b/day as well as a nightgown for her!!
    I want to see pics of the girls' dresses for sure!
    More later - I'm off to NOT sew hahahaha

    1. I know it's like we can't operate unless it's on a tight deadline. :)