Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Trusting Like a Baby

The other day I woke up with this song going through my head...

Anywhere With Jesus

Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go,
Anywhere He leads me in this world below;
Anywhere without Him dearest joys would fade;
Anywhere with Jesus I am not afraid. 
Anywhere, anywhere! Fear I cannot know;
Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.
Anywhere with Jesus I am not alone;
Other friends may fail me, He is still my own;
Though His hand may lead me over drearest ways,
Anywhere with Jesus is a house of praise.
Anywhere with Jesus, over land and sea,
Telling souls in darkness of salvation free;
Ready as He summons me to go or stay,
Anywhere with Jesus when He points the way.
Anywhere with Jesus I can go to sleep,
When the dark’ning shadows round about me creep,
Knowing I shall waken nevermore to roam;
Anywhere with Jesus will be home, sweet home. 
Jessie B. Pounds
As usually happen when I wake up with a song in my head, I thought about it quite a bit and it's message. I was also thinking about our baby and how life must be one big surprise to him. 
Think about it. We can't get up in the morning and tell him we're going to the zoo and he understands. So from his perspective breakfast is normal although with some added excited tension in the air. After breakfast instead of putting him down for his nap, he gets his coat on. Okay, now what? We get in the car. Now he knows we're going somewhere but he's totally clueless as to where - Grandma's? church? a store? What makes baby's okay with all of this? I think a big factor is knowing they're with Mommy (or Daddy). The important constants don't change.

Sometimes I feel like a baby in that sense. Life feels like I'm in a tunnel with no idea where it's going to come out. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that Jesus is with me on this journey. Not just with me but making sure I come out at the right place. I trust Him to take care of the details and guide me just like my baby trusts me to care for him. Being able to have this trust has certainly made life easier.

Who or what is the constant security in your life?                           


  1. Never thought of the excitement it must be to be a baby :) Life is exciting... My spiritual journey has definately been the constant in my life. It's been amazing so far.

    1. I only really thought about how babies must feel in the past few months. Never a dull moment for a baby especially when he has seven siblings. :)

  2. Interestingly,it's my children that keep me grounded and on the path I have chosen as I know they depend upon me for constancy, consistency etc and the general belief that I'm on a journey to learn and that it will all be ok in the end.

    1. Children do have a way of making us sit up and do what's right - at least for me that works.

  3. Good thoughts Jen and I LOVE that song - Our life has been full of that song :) ANYWHERE with Jesus we CAN safely go!! :)

    1. What song don't you love? :)

    2. I know, eh :) HAHA :) They are all good!