Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Toddler Fun - Paper

There are so many things that you can do with your toddler and paper. There's the obvious use of colouring on paper. My little guy is just getting to the place where he can be trusted not to break the crayons just for the fun of hearing them snap.
About a year ago I was trying to find some fat crayons for him because I figured those would be harder to break. I looked everywhere except online. I should have thought of that but then again I was pregnant so not exactly at the top of my game. Anyway, my husband came home with these markers. They were okay, and they are washable. I don't like markers in general so we didn't use them much. They did fill a need though. I'm glad that we can move on to crayons now even if all he does is a few scribbles on one page before he's ready for another. So we have colouring books or paper that's been printed on one side and he colours on the other.

I will also take a paper and put dots on it randomly. Then I give him a page of stickers, and he has to cover the dots. He likes doing this except when he gets too perfectionist about having every dot fully covered, and I have to peel the sticker off so he can replace it "just so". 

Sometimes I give him paper to cut. He loves doing this because only big kids get to have scissors so he feels very grown up. Right now he's still figuring out how to use scissors so his cutting is random. I'm hoping by this spring that I will be able to give him flyers, and he can then cut out pictures that strike his fancy. Then I will let him glue them on to paper.

In this picture one of his sisters is cutting out pictures that he picked. Then they laid them out and she would say something like "apples", and he would find the picture with apples.

I don't always involve his siblings in his "busy" time, but if they are finished their school assignments or it's summer, it's nice to have them play with him.

What do you do for fun with paper in your house?

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  1. Your little guy is ADORABLE for starters---I just kind of have a weakness for little boys = cuteness :)
    My siblings love using comic papers for wrapping paper and for making hats for themselves!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I didn't have brothers so I wasn't sure how I would feel about sons. Now I have five that I'm in love with. :)
      My boys like to cut paper into squares, staple them together and make their own comic books.
      I need to learn how to make paper hats because I know my little boys would like that.

  2. okay so now I feel like an idiot for so many missed opportunities! I just throw the ads away! I really need to get Teddy into this. Even Lizzy would love a chance to glue and play with paper.

    1. You can almost not go wrong giving children paper. I don't know what it is about it but they love the stuff.