Saturday, 15 February 2014

Library Time 19

I read a romance novel this week that started out good but ended up so predictable that it was meh. I don't often read romance novels so I hate when that happens. This year for my birthday I was given a $25 gift card to a bookstore. So far I've only used $7 of it (I shop the clearance section) but have two books. I was shocked at the price when we took the books to cash because one of the books I chose had been reduced a further $5. So I am reading this excellent book about a German family's experience in WWII, and I only had to pay $2 for it. The book is Wolfram: The Boy Who Went to War. It is written by Wolfram's son-in-law. Wolfram's family was definitely not in line with Hitler's way of thinking. I enjoy reading biographies and memoirs. They are definitely my favourite genre.

15-year-old daughter - The Book Thief - She wrote an excellent review of it on her blog "Ramblings of a Janeite". I know I'm the proud mom, but you should give this review a read.
13-year-old son - Outcast of Redwall
11-year-old son - The Lost Treasure of Casa Loma by Eric Wilson. Eric Wilson is a Canadian author who writes mystery stories for ages 10-14. He uses well-known places in Canada as the settings for his stories.

9-year-old daughter - Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus. This is a series of books about a mouse detective who patterns his detecting after Sherlock Holmes. I think you can only find these used now so keep your eyes open for them because they're worth getting.

8-year-old daughter - Family Circus books

6-year-old son - Bear in a Chair by Tim Healy

2-year-old son - Little Penguin and Friends - This is a board book with things to feel.

Another good reading week for us. How has it been for your family?

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  1. I love that your family reads. My daughter and I both have reading 'addictions'. Can't stop once we get started. I have been known to read several books in one day. I have to really ration myself and haven't actually read a book just for pleasure in awhile. Once I get started I just can't put it down, so nothing else gets accomplished. In addition, my eyes don't like it if I read for more than an hour or so, tops, anymore. I hate that.

    1. I would say that reading is an "addiction" with me. One of the reasons that I love my Kindle is that I can read it in bed in the dark (when I'm supposed to be sleeping, but who can put down a good book). I've been known to have 4-5 books on the go at once. It's hard to limit myself when I have work to do which is why I love drives in the van - I can read without guilt. :)

  2. Ahhh Casa Loma - would love to visit that place again but I should read the book again - almost the same LOL.
    I can't WAIT to get our library room set up - I'm pushing through with one in the next house and then when you bring up titles like "Basil of Baker Street", I can grab it off the shelf and hand it to a child to read! :)
    Love the library blog, Sis!

    1. I'm so glad we were raised on books. I can't imagine life without them. :)