Monday, 10 February 2014

"Up" and "Frozen" - Reviews

So we haven't been feeling well in our family for about a week which always means the children get to watch more movies. We have a hard time finding a movie that will interest everyone from the toddler to the fifteen-year-old and boys and girls. Not only that, I'm not a huge fan of Disney or cartoons. That being said we recently watched two Disney movies that I enjoyed and have no problem letting my children watch again - "Up" and "Frozen". I need to warn you that there are spoilers if you're like me  - one of the few moms left not to have seen these movies.

The first I knew of "Up" was when my daughter had me watch this short sequence from the movie. I mistakenly thought the movie would "fill in the details" that the sequence missed. I was wrong. It tells what Carl did after Ellie died. I loved it - the house that floats because of helium balloons, the kid Carl unknowingly brings along, Dug. I'll stop right here and say I love Dug. He's a talking dog and absolutely funny. He talks like a person, but it's "dog" thoughts. This video will show you better than I can explain...

I love how Carl starts as a cranky, sad, lonely old man and through his adventure learns to love again - not a wife this time, but a lonely little boy who needs someone to love him.

The plot interests everyone from 15-2 in our house. The little ones don't understand all the nuances of the plot, but they understand the basics and so enjoy it.  I cried my way through Carl and Ellie's Love Story and I cried at the end of the movie. The children borrowed it from the library, and I promptly asked my husband for my own copy for my birthday. He managed to find the last available copy in the store - sweet man looked in more than one store and then watched it with me.
This probably isn't the greatest movie review you've ever read because I'm kind of all over the place. Just trust me - this movie will not disappoint you.
The second movie is "Frozen". I wasn't too excited about watching this because I am so not a fan of Disney princesses. But one day we were all sick and bored so I said okay and was pleasantly surprised. First of all there are two princesses. Well, one becomes the queen eventually. This has a love story in it, but mostly it's a story of the love of two sisters.
I will admit that I was scrapbooking while this was on, and when the songs came up I kind of zoned out. There was one song though that I loved, but then my favourite character was singing it. And who is that, you ask. Glad you asked. It's Olaf - a snowman. He's funny, cute, loyal, loving, just an all-round great guy. Here's the song Olaf sings...

There is a scary scene with a snow monster, but Olaf keeps it from being too scary so that even my two-year-old can watch it. And in case you're wondering, Olaf gets his wish to be a snowman in summer...safely.

Again, this movie pleasantly surprised me. There was still a need for "love's true kiss", but the main theme of the story was the love the two sisters have for each other and how that love overcomes their troubles. If you want to read a good review, my daughter did a great one on her blog.

Do you have a movie(s) that spans all ages and both genders? We're always looking for ones we can all enjoy.

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  1. going to have to watch Frozen now with the girls. :) They've been begging for it. I'm glad you liked it.

    1. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you how good it is. The girls will enjoy it because they'll be able to relate to the sisters loving each other.

  2. I haven't watched a cartoon in ages but I did see UP. It's amazing what they can do with graphics these days - mezmerizing!!

  3. We don't watch a lot of cartoons because I'm pretty choosy. I really liked these two though. It is amazing what they can do with cgi.