Monday, 24 March 2014

My Wonderful Husband

I want to spend a few minutes today bragging on my husband. ☺ Last night we watched our wedding video, and it's been a long time since we have seen it - too long really. Anyway, it made me feel all mushy and sentimental reliving all the memories of our early love. It is so true what they say about love growing and maturing. I look back now and laugh at my naivete. Yes, I was in love, but how much more my love has grown through all the hardships and fun times of the last sixteen years including the births of eight children and early miscarriage of a ninth.
One thing I love about my husband is that he is a man who knows what he believes and is willing to make that clear. I learned this from the start. The second time we met he was at my parent's home for dinner. Afterwards he and I talked until after 11. I was pretty sure we had covered everything except a proposal when the next thing he did was to propose. Knows his mind - acts. He's a man of conviction.
He's also not afraid to cry. He cried his way through our wedding as I was reminded of last night watching it. He cries sometimes when he's preaching. He's cried with me. I love his tender heart which does not take away from his strength at all but enhances it in my opinion. 

I waited a long time for God to bring Hugo into my life. I am so glad I waited. He's helped me through eight pregnancies, births and recoveries. He works so hard to make my life easier during these times when my body is under so much stress building and nourishing a new life. He was super supportive during my miscarriage - gentle and loving. He's a huge advocate for breastfeeding. It isn't always easy so he does what he can to help. He loves watching our babies nurse as the numerous pictures he takes of them nursing attest to.
Our children think he's the greatest thing. I've heard so many people worry about how Daddy will bond with his baby if Mommy is breastfeeding and Daddy can't feed them. Believe me, Hugo has never had a problem bonding. He makes up songs just about the child he's singing to. He reads them books from the very beginning. Lately he and our toddler have been bonding over Sesame Street YouTube videos - the rubber ducky song and some of Big Bird's songs. My six-year-old loves the Cookie Monster because Daddy introduced him to "C is for Cookie" on YouTube. He loves going for walks/hikes and taking the children camping. He works hard to spend one-on-one time with all of our children. And of course, he encourages our children's interests. He enjoys hearing about their day and what has interested them.
This is a biggie for me - He LOVES to shop. I hate shopping. How perfect is that for me? He does about 90% of our shopping including clothes for me. One year I needed a new winter coat. I told him I wanted something dark and long in a classic look. That is exactly what he came home with. He has bought most of my clothes, and 95% of the time I love what he buys. I'm so happy he's happy doing this because as I said I hate shopping. I think my youngest sister got most of the shopping genes in our family. I quit going shopping with her and my mom when I was single because I was ready to go home about three hours before they were.
He makes me laugh even though for the most part he's a fairly serious person. We have a lot of fun together. In fact, if our oldest had been a boy we were going to name him Isaac because that means "laughter".
Something else that was so important for me - really above all other considerations - he loves the Lord. It is wonderful to marry a Christian - to be able to pray together, read the Bible together and do some kind of ministry together even if it's just bringing a meal to someone in need.
taking our daughter to see Les Mis for her 15th birthday
He has always encouraged my interests. He's also pushed me beyond my comfort levels to branch out and grow in other areas of my life - this blog being one of them. For years he's been saying I should have a blog. I didn't think anyone would be that interested in what I had to say, but finally one day told him I would give it a try. It's been fun, interesting, scary and a huge learning process for me. I'm thankful I listened.  
He loves people and helping them which is why I think he makes such a great pastor. He loves to see people's lives enriched and made better. This spring he's looking forward to the wedding of two of our church members (I think he'll cry at some point during the ceremony). We prayed for these two to get together and are excited to see it happening. He prays with people when they have problems. If you called my husband up with some concern, after discussing it with you he would pray with you. I had a pastor who did this with me so I know how comforting it is.

Really I could go on and on. Thanks for bearing with me this long. I love my husband and am so glad God brought us together.

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  1. What a beautiful story Jennifer. I love a man who is not afraid to cry too :) It always touches me when you see this in weddings. Congratulations on a long and successful marriage.

    1. Thanks, Renee. It's wonderful being married to your best friend. I'm sure you know what I mean.

  2. Hi Jenn. I love it. I already felt like I knew Hugo a bit from our interview, but this helped me even more. What a great marriage you have and how blessed you both are. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We are blessed, and thank God every day for the gift of giving us to each other.

  3. Julie Geoffrion25 March 2014 at 15:03

    Great job, Jen - you covered it all :). He is perfect for you - I loved the bit about shopping and how you stopped shopping with Joy - hahaha. Trust me, if you and I were in the same town - I'd send Hugo shopping for ME, too :) I feel the same way :)

    1. I always say he's not perfect, but he's the perfect husband for me. :)