Monday, 17 June 2013

It's Time!

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for Spring.

I love looking at snow, watching my sons count up what they’ve earned from shovelling snow and even occasionally walking in snow. I like snuggling under a blanket and reading a book. I love cuddling wiggly bodies that are wearing fuzzy pajamas. I enjoy making hot chocolate for my children the old-fashioned way with milk, cocoa, honey and a little cream. I like the earlier darkness that makes everything feel warm and cozy in the house.

There’s something about knowing it’s cold outside that makes the smell of fresh-baked bread and cookies sweeter. There’s joy in watching your children play in the first deep snow of the season – the snow that reaches up to your toddler’s knees, and you let him go out even though it takes ten minutes to wrestle all his snow clothes on and you know after two minutes he’s going to hate it and want back in. There’s the fun of building snowmen and snow tunnels.


So I like winter until somewhere around February 1st when I magically want all the white stuff to disappear and the temperature to immediately rise to something you can go barefoot in.

But now it’s time for warmer weather, for an entryway not cluttered up by what seems to be 30 pairs give or take of boots and and coats, hats, mittens, scarves to match. It’s time for starting a garden, running around barefoot in the backyard, needing to remind my sons to mow the lawn. It’s time for eating outside, taking long walks after supper with my husband, planning our family vacation.

I’m ready to hang my laundry outside again. Oh, how I love the smell of air-dried laundry, and the sun makes my baby’s diapers so white again!I’m ready to go strawberry and blueberry picking and come home to gorge on the berries and freeze or dehydrate whatever I can manage to keep away from my children. I’m ready to go to the zoo where we have a membership but never seem to go much in the winter.



           So, yes. Winter you’ve been fun, but now it’s time for SPRING!

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