Monday, 12 August 2013

Homeschooling Junior High

Now we're getting into the grades I really enjoy teaching. I taught in these grades before I was married and loved it. In Grades 7-8 I still use mostly Rod and Staff.

In Grade 7 I start teaching Literature. That is not to say that up to that point my children have not been doing a literature class. I am truly blessed because once every two weeks my children go to school with my mom, and she teaches them Literature, Spanish and Art - subjects that I don't shine in.

However, when my children reach Junior High I take the literature class back because I love it. They still go to my mom's school for Spanish and Art and a computer class is added in.

So far in Grades 7 and 8 we have studied Anne of Green Gables, Amos Fortune-Free Man, Swiss Family Robinson and most likely Uncle Tom's Cabin this year. I try to pick books that will interest myself and my child - not always easy.

 I really expect a lot more from my children by this point. They should be able to do most of their work without supervision. They should be able to write short essays and do research. We also use an online programme to supplement their Spanish class, and they are responsible to see that they do that.
What do you teach in Grades 7-8, especially in your literature class?

Update - I don't think I should try to post on a Monday. I knew I was forgetting something. For Grade 8 history I do not use the Rod and Staff curriculum. It's all about North American history. Here is my reasoning. They have already had a solid introduction to North American history in Grade 5. They will be getting a minimum of two years of Canadian history in high school. So in Grade 8 they do British history. It is such a rich history and we are a part of the Commonwealth. God Save the Queen.
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