Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Edge for a Jumper

Our local Salvation Army recently had a 50% off sale. I bought a jumper for my youngest daughter even though I though it might be a bit short. I figured since I was only spending $1 on the jumper adding an edge would be easy.

The only problem was when I got home I didn't want to do a ruffle or a straight edge. I was bored of ruffles and I felt a straight edge would be too constricting for running around in. So I let the jumper sit for a few days while I let my brain perk over this problem. Here is my solution. A straight edge, yes, but different.
Here's the jumper - cute.


First I measured how much fabric I would need to go around the bottom edge.

Then I played with the fabric to see how long I wanted it. I doubled that measurement and added one inch for seam allowance (I decided on five inches).

Then I cut four pieces - two for the sides and one each for the front and back.

I folded each piece in half and sewed the short ends. This way I don't have to hem anything.

I clipped the corners, turned them inside out and ironed them flat.

Next I pinned them onto the jumper. First to the front and back...

...they didn't quite meet (which I didn't mind)...

...then to the sides. I don't know how I managed to make the sides shorter than the front and back, but I call it one of my happy mistakes - I like it. I sewed that all down.

Then I sewed lace around the top of the seam on the outside and added a button at each side.

So there you have it. For $1 and about an hour of effort (thanks to interruptions ☺) I have a very cute "new" jumper for my daughter.

What do you think? Would you try this?


  1. Love it! A good deal, a nice jumper & a beautiful girl wearing it : )I would like to try making this BUT first I am in need of two important things... a sewing machine and a daughter : )

  2. Maybe someday, Rowena. I would love to sew dresses for a little girl for you. :)