Tuesday, 17 September 2013

DIY - Baby Wipes

I can't believe I waited so long to make these...baby wipes. For years I've thought about it, looked up recipes, but never tried. I finally took the plunge. Don't wait. These are so easy; it's unreal.
You need a roll of paper towels that you cut in half. After cutting my roll in half I pulled out the cardboard tube. It's a little tricky but can be done. I'm getting better at it after my third batch. Some say to soak the roll in the solution then pull the cardboard out, but I didn't want to waste my solution on something I was going to pull out and not use.
Then you need some baby wash/shampoo and some oil. I use sweet almond oil. The recipe I was using said to use  one tablespoon of the shampoo, but I found this was way too much. It makes the wipes really soapy. I've cut it back to one-half to one teaspoon.

So you need one teaspoon of baby wash/shampoo, one tablespoon of oil, one cup of water and a half roll of paper towels.

I mix the water, shampoo and oil right in the wipes container I have.

Then just put your roll of paper towels in and turn it until all the water is soaked up.

That's it! Now just pull the towels out from the centre. It only takes a couple of minutes to make. I haven't taken the time to figure out the cost compared to store-bought, but it has to be cheaper. As well, if you use a good baby shampoo it will be healthier.

So do you have some DIY project that you waited a long time to try, but then were glad when you finally did?


  1. It would probably also help those who have strong allergic reactions to a lot of baby wipes bcs you could use an organic shampoo specifically for babies that have allergies.

  2. Yes, and I think there are essential oils that you could look into adding that would be good for baby's skin.

  3. It DOES look and sound easy - wonder if I should try HAHA :) But yeah, it is probably better for baby's bottom. Our first experience with DIY tomato sauce was an experience and I think we'll only get better haha :)

  4. You could always make one for a baby shower gift and include the "recipe" and the "ingredients".