Friday, 20 September 2013

Flying Teenagers and Buttoning Toddlers

This has been a wonderful week. Three weeks in and school is still going smoothly. I've finally found a way of arranging our school week that makes things less stressful. My two year old has also started to learn how to occupy himself a little better although we still do use Baby Einstein on Youtube when I really need him to leave me alone so I can teach something - usually phonics to my five-year-old son.
So far this fall we've dehydrated, canned and frozen two bushels of peaches, frozen ten heads of cauliflower (chopped up) and tomorrow I'll be doing about six squash. I think I'm going to bake them, puree them and freeze it for adding to muffins, soups, etc. I'd like to get a pressure canner so I can can vegies and meat. I wasn't going to can peaches but my middle daughter really wanted to. We ended up with only four jars since we dehydrated and froze so many. We're saving them for something special - maybe have them with homemade vanilla ice cream.
This week was a major step forward for me as a mom. We sent our thirteen year old son off on the plane to visit my sister and her family. Let me tell you, for this terrified-of-flying mom it was a huge step forward. Everything went well and my son enjoyed his first time flying. Now he's enjoying time with his cousins.

I was happy to see him happy and safe.

For my Pinterest project this week, I made felt strips that button so you can put them together like a paper chain. These are for my toddler to play with during school. He can learn his colours, counting and how to button. I saw several variations of this. Most used Velcro. One used buttons which is what I decided to go with. They don't really need instructions. You can see from the pictures how easy these are to make. I hope to add more toddler activities this year as his attention span lengthens.
So do you have any suggestions for activities for my toddler who does not particularly like toys?


  1. Yeah, send him to Aunt Goo-gee!!!
    Wow - I'm impressed with the "paper chain" - so cute :) Would make a good gift for someone who has a toddler.
    Love all the things you do with food, too.
    Noah did awesome flying and now he IS having a good time with his cousins.

  2. I have to do this with Teddy and Lizzy even. Great idea!!

  3. Julie, I wish I could send him to you. I think Tim and Stef would have fun occupying him. :)
    Joy, your littles would totally enjoy this and it is so easy (and cheap).