Saturday, 7 September 2013

Library Time Week 8

So we're back to school. The wonderful thing about my children is that they never stopped reading all summer. Sometimes it's an issue when chores aren't done, but most of the time they're travelling the world and history through books, and I couldn't be happier.
This past month I've been reading Grace Livingstone Hill, E. Phillips Oppenheim, Louis L'Amour and some wonderful memoirs. One about a missionary starting an orphanage in the Sudan and another about a librarian who has Tourette's Syndrome.
Here's what my children have been reading...
15-year-old daughter - The American Family Portrait Series by Jack Cavanaugh. She has these on her Kindle which I am going to have to borrow so I can read them too. She's says they are really good.
The Puritans (American Family Portrait #1)The Colonists (American Family Portrait #2)
13-year-old son - Ripley's Believe It or Not and the Encyclopedia. I learned in my Children's Lit course in college that boys really like books of facts. Watching my sons I now know just how true that is.
11-year-old son - Science Explorer - another DK book. These books are so excellent. They are a wonderful investment.
9 -year-old daughter - the Roman Mysteries
7-year-old daughter - Hopscotch magazines. My mom found a stack of these in the laundry room of the building where she lives. She gave them to us and my two younger daughters have been devouring them. We're even thinking about getting a subscription for them.
5-year-old son - Curious George - enough said. What five-year-old boy does not love Curious George.
We didn't participate as much in our library's book club this year. I'm not sure as I look back why. But then again my children don't need a book club to encourage them to read through the summer. I feel so blessed knowing that.
How was your summer reading? Did you discover any new favourites?


  1. I love those Jack Cavanaugh books! I've read them all and it's a great way to learn history! ;) I've noticed even at Teddy's age that he loves books that are factual more than stories. Like for example he has a book about big machines and trucks with all the parts labeled. He'd rather read that than a "story".

  2. When you didn't have brothers having sons is a real eye-opener. :)