Friday, 13 December 2013

Muffins and Macaroons

It's been fairly quiet around here this week. Well, it was noisy yesterday morning because we had friends come over for breakfast (it's fun to switch up the meal you have company for), and they have five boys (ages 1-7). So, yes, it was a little on the noisy side for a while. The baby slept blissfully in the middle of all the chaos - the joys of being the 8th. By the way, we did a super easy menu. We made one dozen of four different kinds of muffins the day before. All we had to do when we woke up in the morning to get ready was set the table and cook the eggs (two dozen). No muffin made it to lunch. ☺ Muffins are a fairly easy food for budding cooks to learn to make.

Other than that we've been working on gifts for each other. We don't celebrate Christmas, but we do exchange gifts at New Year's. As much as possible I try to get my children to make all of their gifts for each other. It can be a bit challenging, but I feel like the skills they learn make the effort worth it. I'm also trying to find times when the children are occupied to make my gifts for them. The good thing is that with the little ones I can still do their gifts in front of them. Even so I've only done two gifts so far so I need to get cracking.

My husband loves having a macaroon with his coffee when he goes through the drive-thru. I was sure that I could make a reasonable copy and save him some money. I put a request out on Facebook on the "Trim Healthy Mama" group and had a prompt response with this recipe. My husband said it's not exactly the same, but he likes it. So now I can save my husband some money plus know that all the ingredients are good.

The baby is getting very proficient in his walking. It's so cute to watch him swagger proudly across the floor and then fall smack on his bum. He's 27 pounds now so I really need him to walk. He's our biggest baby for sure but, oh so cute.

Those cheeks are just so squishy and beg for kisses.

How was your week? I'm sure you're busy. I hope you're having fun with your family and making wonderful memories.


  1. OH he IS adorable!!! :)
    I'm DONE - I can bake - I can sew - I can just LIVE AT HOME again :)
    I'm glad we DID what we did - God provided financially for us but it is time to be home with my babies and enjoy them! :)
    That being said - I want to work on some awesome muffin recipes to have ready in the mornings - I think that eggs and muffins would be so filling each morning....
    Good job, Jen!

  2. You can even freeze muffin batter in the cups and then bake it in the morning. Fresh muffins in the morning, but you don't have to do the work when you're still waking up.

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I thought that I had read somewhere on your blog that you were Christian, so imagine my surprise when I read above that you did not celebrate Christmas. Oh I have to go back and read :)