Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Toddler Fun - Popsicle Sticks

We've had a lot of fun with the popsicle sticks, but they required a little more prep than other activities.

First I took a pack of coloured popsicle sticks and cut them in half. Then I cut magnetic tape into skinny  pieces to fit on the back of the sticks. Next I cut coloured paper into strips and glued them together. Finally we were ready for the next activity.

I put the paper onto a cookie sheet, and now his sticks will "stick" to the paper. Sometimes I let him just match the colours. Sometimes I set up a pattern - two blue, one orange two red, one yellow, etc. Sometimes we skip the paper and he just plays with the sticks on the cookie sheet.

I still have some coloured popsicle sticks so this is something I have on my to-do list. I don't think I'll be as fancy as described in the post with writing things on the sticks. It will be enough for me if he can just match the coloured sticks to the right popsicle.

By the way, I have a Pinterest board called "Busy Bags". I don't have a lot of pins on it yet, but it's all about activities you can do with your little ones.

Have you ever used popsicle sticks for an activity with your toddler? We'd love to learn something new to do with them.
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  1. Okay - so I read this post and thought - how is the magnet sticking to the paper...DUH!!! - Took me a couple of SECONDS (only seconds this time) to wake up and realize - the cookie sheet UNDER!!!
    This is an awesome idea...toddlers would love it!

    1. He really likes it when we take the paper off and he just plays with the magnets on the cookie sheet.

  2. That sounds like fun to me! My girls love to stick them onto pictures, decorate with feathers and jewls and make stick puppets as well as obviously make juice & water lollies with them!

    1. Stick puppets - that's a great idea. We're going to have to do that.