Friday, 28 February 2014

Sewing and Cooking Again - Yeah!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted on a Friday. That's because last Friday I was busy getting ready for my husband's 50th birthday party the next day. We kept it simple, but even simple requires planning and preparation. The party went so wonderfully. My husband said it was the best birthday he had ever had.
This week has been so nice to get back to a normal routine. Healthy family and no parties to plan for. I've been able to do extra work in the kitchen and some sewing.
My middle daughter had a birthday as well recently. She wanted a cape. I found a pattern online. I went to the dollar store and bought a fleece blanket for $3. I had flannel left over from another sewing project for lining the hood. I used this pattern and it went very smoothly. My daughter was thrilled with her cape.

In the kitchen I made roasted chick peas for a diet snack. It's nice to have something savory and crunchy. As well, I made up some instant oatmeal. You know the packets you get at the store? Well, I followed these instructions and made up some homemade instant oatmeal. Now if we need a quick breakfast for someone or snack (I love oatmeal so much I would eat it as a snack), we have it. We can add fruit to it as desired or not. I didn't not package it individually. I put it in a big glass jar with the instructions for how to make a serving written on the lid with a sharpie. Finally I made some apple oat cakes that are also diet and tasted so good.
Last week I made a birthday gift for a little boy in our church. Ever since I saw the pattern for a pillow shaped like a shield I knew I had to make it for someone. Isaiah is the fourth of five boys. I'm sure he can use something for defense. ☺


Today I finally figured out how to make a cloth cover for a small box that we use for toys in our living room. I want to cover it in fabric that matches our curtains just to dress it up a little since it's in our living room. For weeks I've puzzled over how to do this so I could remove it to wash it if necessary. In the middle of reading a book to my children I had a brainstorm about how to do this. It's funny how your brain can handle two things at once...reading to the children and thinking again, "How can I cover that box?". I hope to do it soon and make a tutorial.
How did your week go? Do you ever think of ever things while reading a book to your children?

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