Friday, 4 April 2014

Hard Tack and an Award

This has been a hard week for me in the sense that I feel like I haven't accomplished much. I don't know why, but for some reason I felt like I was fighting every day to accomplish anything outside of school. At least school happened.
I did try making some hard tack this week. My husband thought this would be a good thing to have for backpacking with the boys. It seems like it turned out, but I kind of messed it up when I shaped it so it's not pretty. My husband was impressed though, and I'll probably make more. I know how to fix my mistake so I'll take some pictures for you then.
I made some rolls for a company meal this week. It was a new recipe that only takes 35 minutes from the first ingredient to being put in the oven. It only takes ten minutes to bake so these are super fast. And let me tell you, they are so delicious. You can find the recipe on my Pinterest board under "Food-Bread" or "Completed Projects". They are actually called "30 Minute Rolls", but they really are 35 minutes.
At the beginning of this week we actually had some weather that was nice enough that we went for a walk as a family. It felt so good after the long winter we've had (are still having) to get out as a family and take a walk in the neighbourhood. I love walking. I had the baby on my back in the mai tei carrier, and it felt good to have him cuddled up against my back.
I am very pleased that this week saw the launch of a semi-regular post from my youngest sister on the subject of dressing modestly AND fashionably. The two are mutually exclusive. I look forward to more posts from her. If you missed it you can find her first post here.
The biggest news this week was my oldest daughter winning the short story writing contest at our library. We went to the awards ceremony tonight. We are so proud of her. In case you didn't read her story check out my post here where I put it at the end of the post. It is such a joy to watch our children growing up and beginning to develop their talents and skills. I know someday my daughter will be a published author - she is that good.

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  1. Conevy my congratulations; if she's good at writing she can co-author the blog with you. :)... Shaleen (

    1. She actually has her own blog at where she blogs about her love of all things period drama.

  2. Hi Jenn. I can totally relate to your week. I missed blogging yesterday due to being busy here at the B&B. I am hoping to get a post up today. Life just gets busier and busier, but that is truly my own making, to a great degree. Can't just have my hand in one pie, you know. I will definitely have to try out the rolls. Are they a yeast roll?

    Hope your family are all well. Congratulations again on your daughter's award. That is exciting.

    1. They are a yeast roll. We are very proud of Eva-Joy. She is such a great writer.