Saturday, 5 April 2014

Library Time 23

Along with struggling to get anything done this week, I also struggled to get any reading done which is highly unusual for me. I did manage one short book on my Kindle. Tales from the Promised Land by John Rose Putnam. There are five short stories from the West and the gold rush.
Tales from the Promised Land
15-year-old daughter - Twice Freed by Patricia St. John. Patricia St. John wrote a number of chapter books for children. Two of my childhood favourites were Treasures of the Snow and The Tanglewood's Secret. These books are mostly only available used.
13-year-old son - Creating 3-D Animation by Peter Lord and Brian Sibley

11-year-old son - Ripley's Believe It or Not!
10-year-old daughter - Winner Bakes All: The Cupcake Club by Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk
8-year-old daughter - Kittens in the Kitchen by Ben M. Baglio
6-year-old son - Hare and Bear Draw an Airplane by Diann Timms. This is a wordless book. Every page shows another step in drawing an airplane. We also have one about drawing a dinosaur.
3-year-old son - The Little Farm by Lois Lenski. We love Lois Lenski's books both her picture books and chapter books. She wrote a series for little ones about different occupations...Papa Small, Policeman Small, Farmer Small, Cowboy Small, etc. Sadly unless her books have been reprinted they are difficult and expensive to find. Keep your eyes open for these in thrift stores and yard sales because they are wonderful.

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