Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Summer Wreath

For years I've had a goal of having a wreath for our door for every season. About twelve years ago I made one for Thanksgiving and that's as far as I made it with that goal. Well, about a month ago I made one for Canada Day, and today I made one for the summer.

I had fun making this wreath today. It's fairly simple, but I took pictures of the process in case you want to duplicate it. The original idea came from here. However, I made quite a few of my own tweaks.

I've been looking for a Styrofoam wreath for a couple of weeks. Finally I decided I would have to make the base. I recently found out that my second son has been saving up toilet paper tube and has quite a stash so I asked if I could have a few. I started squeezing and twisting them together until I had a reasonable circle shape. I figured it didn't have to be perfect since it's not going to be seen much.

Next I needed to cover it with some fabric so that the parts that peek out here and there don't look like a toilet paper tube. I went with a darker gray because of the colours in the paper that I had chosen. I cut the fabric into two inch strips using my pinking shears rotary cutting blade and started twisting it around the frame hot gluing the ends down.

Then I set to work making pinwheels. It would have been nicer if I had some double-sided paper, but I used what I had. I made one pinwheel from a ten by ten piece of paper and ten pinwheels from five by five papers. Then I glued a button in the middle of each - I love using buttons to decorate with.

Next it was just a matter of playing around with how I wanted to arrange them on the wreath. I hot glued them in place and added some ribbon for hanging it on the door.

Nice but it felt unfinished. So I went to the computer and designed a flower in my Creative Memories programme and put a verse on it. I printed it on scrapbook paper and made a stem and leaf. I attached it to the wreath - just what it needed.

What do you think? Do you decorate your front door?


  1. It looks really nice! you'd almost expect to see them start spinning around like real pinwheels! We still have our 4th of July decoration on the door. :)

  2. I had a lot of fun making it. My next goal is a back-to-school one. :)