Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ta-Dah: A Beautiful To-Do List

I love to-do lists. I make them all the time. Sometimes they're in my head for what I need to do in the next ten minutes. Most days I write a to-do list in a notebook that I have just for that purpose. I also make long-term to-do lists like "What I Want to Accomplish on the Winter Break" or "Summer Goals". I just find that to-do lists keep me on track for what needs to be done and with eight children there is always something that needs to be done.

I was very excited to find this free resource for 2014. A wonderful blogger - The Confident Mom -  has organized every day and every week of the year and put it all in a pretty format. She's made two versions: one with text already filled in for what you should do and one blank that you can fill in for yourself.  There is also a supplement with several extra forms that you can purchase for $6. I am thinking about getting this because the forms look so useful. Yes, I could figure these things out for myself, but why waste time when someone else has done such a beautiful job?

I love the idea of the text version. Somedays I'm so busy I really don't mind someone telling me what to do. I've started using mine and am enjoying it. There's even space to make sure you are drinking water, exercising, spending a little time for yourself - all things that a busy mom can forget unless she's reminded.

So check this out. I'm sure it can help you - The Confident Mom 2014 Planner.

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  1. Any tool you find that inspires you is worth the investment. Happy planning in the new year :)

    1. Yes, and reading your blog Renee has inspired me to do even more organizing in our home than I had been doing. I've been organizing and getting rid of boatloads of stuff. :) Thanks.

  2. THIS is the planner I've been trying to get. She said it was free but I can't seem to get it - any ideas? The supplements are $6 - do I need to "spring" for those to get the free planner?
    I have my daily journal set up that I plan on carrying with me around the house.
    Lists ARE the best!

    1. Try again. She had so many requesting the planner that her server shut down for a little while. I had no problem. It is totally free. You do not have to buy anything to get the main planner.