Friday, 6 December 2013

Toddler Fun - Puzzles

I mentioned that my little guy does not like toys very much, but we have discovered that he LOVES puzzles. I think it's in his genes. My mom and I are both huge puzzle fans. When I was going through a life-trying event in my early 20's I did puzzles endlessly. When it felt like my life was falling apart it felt good to have something that went together.

Anyway, we have a small stock of wooden puzzles now. Some are still beyond his capabilites. He's able to do 12-piece puzzles and wooden shape puzzles where the piece fits into a hole in the board.
This picture was several months ago when he first discovered puzzles. I love his smile of accomplishment.

The animal puzzle here makes noises when he puts the piece in. It also makes noises when you walk past it which can be a bit disconcerting.☺
I like wooden puzzles because they are so sturdy and stand up to a lot of use. We really like Melissa and Doug puzzles. Out of four puzzles pictured in this post, three are Melissa and Doug. In the second picture you will see my son has a book. Each letter and corresponding picture is a puzzle piece. Sometimes he takes all the pieces out and finds their place, sometimes just the animals, sometimes he asks me to secretly take a piece out so he can search where it belongs.

There's a puzzle in our giveaway. It ends tomorrow.

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  1. I need more of these for Teddy and Lizzy. Teddy likes them too and I need to get Lizzy introduced to puzzles. But every time I see the pictures of that boy I just want to squish him and kiss him up!!! (which I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate! lol

  2. He would just tolerate it at best. He'd be looking for Teddy. I'll agree with you - he's utterly kissable. I'm sure your dollar store has wooden puzzles. A while ago ours even had some that you coloured the picture first that they had printed on it.

  3. I love puzzles, too - and now Stef is too big for the wooden ones - I'll have to upgrade and get her some 100+ puzzles to do with me this winter :)
    ...and yes, Ethan's smile made me SMILE - his shirt, too - looks like he is growing out of it :)

  4. puzzles + winter = perfect winter