Friday, 6 December 2013

Toddler Fun - Play Dough

I've saved the best activity for the last - in our opinion. This one takes some prep but that's part of the fun.

I don't particularly like play dough, but sometimes you can't go with what you like, and for fun you just can't beat play dough unless you add the fun of making it yourself.

One afternoon my older children were all out so I gathered the little ones that were left and while the baby napped we made some play dough. I found a recipe online and thought we would try it. So here is our step-by-step picture tutorial. The recipe can be found here.

We gathered our ingredients.

We assigned everyone their spot by the stove because if you don''s not a good thing. Just saying. We were going to do four colours so everyone picked the colour they wanted to be "in charge" of.
I dumped the ingredients in the pot and they stirred it if it was their colour. It cooks up fast. I had to wash the pot between each colour, but it wasn't hard.
After about five minutes of cooking it's a bit rough looking. We put it on the counter to cool.
When it's cool enough it's time to knead it. This takes about five minutes and my daughter did most of it. At this point my five-year-old started complaining about the smell. It smells like commercial play dough - I hate that smell. The recipe I was using had recommended various spices to scent it but I didn't have them. Then I had a brainstorm - essential oils. We used peppermint in the green, lavender in the blue, and lemon in the yellow. For the red I used cinnamon to help make it not so pink - it worked. We kneaded the oil or cinnamon in since it was too late to add it to the original mix.

The finished product - yeah!

Let the fun begin.

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  1. How can we NOT read these when you put pics of Ethan in them. Have to say though, my fav pic in THIS is the one with Jonah in the background - he seems to be "missing out" on things lol ;)
    Love this and I just might get brave and make some - I hate play dough but the kids love playing with it!

    1. I thought the same thing myself about Jonah. :) Why is it that the things our children love we don't? I really can't stand play dough so I really have to get firm with myself to let them play with it. At least I know this stuff is non-toxic and it smells nice.