Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What I'm Loving

A little bragging time here.

My daughter has a blog - well, two actually. Her main blog - Ramblings of a Janeite - is all about period dramas, book/movie/music reviews, and some randomocity. Occasionally she does lists of things she is loving at the moment. I love these lists. They are beautiful, and I feel like I'm getting a glimpse into her heart. She did one of these lists today which inspired me to do one too.

So here is what I'm loving today...

♦ baby hugs ♦
baby toes
♦ a warm house ♦
♦ yogurt and berries and whip cream ♦
a school day well done
♦ big brothers playing with baby brothers ♦
a teenage daughter who helps me stay on track diet-wise
♦ a berry crisp ♦
tea with my husband - made by my husband
♦ my sewing and craft supplies♦
my Kindle
♦ scrapbooking ♦
listening to my children laughing at their inside jokes
♦ walks with my husband ♦
the sound of the piano being practiced
♦ quiet time to myself to read  ♦
jars of canned tomatoes
♦ a clean bathroom ♦
fresh laundry
♦ finding that one "wow" pin on Pinterest ♦
phone calls with my mom and sisters
♦ my sister skyping with my toddler ♦
watching my husband enjoy his supper
♦ listening to music ♦

You can check out my daughter's lists here, here, here, and here. Her other blog is called "Scribblings of a Janeite" and is all about her writing which I might add she is very passionate about.

What are you loving today?


  1. That's a lovely list of things you love, I agree with most of them!

  2. I'm just loving reading your list for the moment (esp the skyping with Ethan lol) and as soon as my life stops whirling - I'm going to write my list for you. My heart IS very full today and I'm singing "Joy Unspeakable" - just can't put things in words yet :)

    1. Did you read Eva-Joy's lists? They make for nice reading too. Looking forward to your list.