Saturday, 17 May 2014

Library Time 27

It feels like a long time since I posted about what we're reading.
Recently my oldest daughter wanted to watch the BBC Production of Great Expectations on Netflix. I wasn't too interested because I've never liked the story. It just was too sad. So I watched most of it with her. I missed some in the middle, and it inspired me to read the book "again".  As I read the book, I discovered that I never had read the unabridged version. All my opinions and feelings were based on children's versions which can never do justice to the richness of Dickens. I fell in love with this story. Yes, Pip does some stupid, selfish things, but since he is telling the story as an adult he points out his shortcomings in a way that you know he's sorry for them. And in the end he gets the girl so all's well that ends well. My favourite character is Wemmick (I love Dickens "minor" characters, but are any of them really minor?), and if you don't know who he is you'll just have to go read the book.
15-year-old daughter - Divergent to her younger sister
14-year-old son - The Lego Book
12-year-old son - The Lego Idea Book
10-year-old daughter - The Kootenay Kidnapper by Eric Wilson
8-year-old daughter - Henry and the Paper Route by Beverly Cleary
6-year-old son - The Biggest Bear by Lynn Ward
3-year-old son - A Tale of Two Pandas by Adrienne Kennaway. He loves pandas because our zoo has a couple on loan for five years and we've been to see them a couple of times now.
What did you read this week?

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  1. Sam got a copy of The Lego Ideas Book for Christmas last year, and it is so well-loved I've had to tape up the binding twice. And we've gotten The Lego Book several times from the library. Good stuff!

    I always liked the Henry books a teensy bit better than the Ramona books.